my favorite part of Macedonia

I am Veleshanka and proud of it. I live in Veles, which is right in the center of Macedonia. Veles is a crossroads of international road and rail routes. The city is famous for many things. The city was home on a long number of writers, poets, and revolutionaries and they are most important for the Macedonian culture. Throughout history meets as the city of the first theater in Macedonia, the city where the first women actress was performing in 1875, the city of the first library, the first gymnasium, the first music school, and the first museum. The city is characteristic of his own typical Veles architecture. But the most important is the people and their spirit. 

The people in Veles are friendly and they are always ready for a party and have a fan. In this part, everyone likes good food with homemade wine and rakija made from grapes. In Veles, there is plenty of clubs, trendy boutiques, and of course, restaurants. The special mark for the winter period is the Pastrmajlija pie and many people from all over Macedonia come to taste it. The city glows with positive energy and everyone who visits it hill carries in his heart and soul forever.     

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