Love now
Stop! Take a breath, look ....
There is something good in all evil,
there is a glimmer of hope in all hopelessness, 
there is a spark of light in all darkness,
at a time when everything is frozen  hearts are thawed, 
souls are opened, 
look up. 
When everything is added and subtracted, multiply and divide 
an answer is given to a question that is not even asked. 
You get the meaning, the goal that circulated over us all the time 
while we circle in a focused way on the gear of the machinery. 
Nothing matters now, only love. 
All that matters is the hug without which we can not,
a hug from which countless emotions explode.
Now intimacy is more important than anything else. 
The kind look, the gentle smile and the warm hug 
is more than needed at this time. 
Smile and kiss the person next to you, 
hug her tightly and hold it as long as you can. 
Nothing can charge our batteries like love. 
And tomorrow again, and again .... and again .... love.

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