Having children while young

Some people say that having children when you are still young is better. However, having children while young has both advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side, when you are young the body is fully prepared to endure all pressures that go with pregnancy. 

The younger you are, you do not think of possible complications and problems that go with pregnancy.

When you are young everything is easy and without a problem, you can handle the needs of the childlike playing, walking end, etc.

However, for every plus there is a minus. One disadvantage is that having children while young means giving up freedom. Going out to different places depends on the child. On top of that, the whole attention is focused on the child and his needs.   

To sum up, although some people considered that having children while young has advantages with which I agree, however, in my opinion, the most important thing is to have a child because the child is a blessing regardless of age. 

The child gives us strength, courage, creativity, positive energy … actually gives us the meaning of life.

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