Hello my friend
This is my story

I know that You, as I and all other living beings are made by feelings. Life shakes our feelings and our emotions, they are so diverse that describe our whole life. Every one of us can remember of the warm parent’s hug, safety that we feel by their warm kisses on our face, on the first day at school filled with uncertainty but at the same time with curiosity towards unknown. First love mixed emotions of love, happiness and euphoria. We can remember of our 16th birthday, of the first excursion. We can exactly describe how we felt on the first day at work. Feeling of sadness when we lost person that was close and dear to us. Anger and anxiety that we feel when dealing with things we cannot control.
Everything will pass by in our mortal life and everything will be felt by us.
Some things we will wish to be erased from our memories, to hide them in the deepest corners of our souls and never to come up on the surface or to be reminded.
But also there are so many moments that we want make them permanent and forever to stay as silent witness of what happened. That is the image that stays even after we are gone.

That is exactly my idea and purpose of this web page.
To leave something after I’m gone.moj pogled
I took photos with My soul.
My photos are who I am.
I shoot when I feel the need to do that, not because I have to,
I shoot when My soul is rippled by emotions that need to come up to the surface.
I shoot wherever My view stops not where I am supposed to look at.
This is My view on things, photos that I am giving to you my dear friend, and you can use them on any way Your soul speaks to you.